What to do?? [shrug]

Ask ourselves today, did we become a better person than yesterday?? or did we plan to be better tomorrow?? =)
Everyone knows to be in Jannah, we have to do tons of good deeds..but some will say: “ow! i’m not ready yet” or ” what should I do?”. Simple said but difficult to act. We will be determined to do something if we know our reasons and for whom we’re doing it for. So, we should put Allah in our mind 1st than anything else. He did a lot of things for us, does it bite or hurt to do something little for Him?? Maybe the little deed we make is BIG in the sight of Allah..we never know..

2nd, make Jannah as our boosters to do great deeds. Starting with a little deed will end with something sweet. Trust in Him and yourself!! =)

So,this is my little idea for you today, why not MAKING YOUR PARENTS HAPPY AND APPRECIATED?? Everyone surely loves their parents very much but how many of us spend our time and effort for them. Indeed, Allah loves those who appreciate their parents more than anything..Grab and flip His love letter (Surah An-Nisa’: 36) There you go!!! =) =) =)

Sprinkle some magic of your own today……


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